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Welcome to Libernetix, where we take care of the payments, so you can take care of business.
Flexible Anti-Fraud Filters
Automatic systems are good, but additional filtering will help identify suspicious patterns and find advanced scammers who managed to hide from other layers of protection.
Post-Monitoring Service
After processing payments, we automatically add additional information about payments and the risks associated with them in case an individual user is suspected of fraud in the future.
Advanced AI
Advanced AI not only allows you to get insiders, but also counters potential fraud, which significantly reduces the risks of processing payments from stolen cards or illegally acquired funds.
Whitelist/Blacklist Management
You can either manually or automatically distribute transactions and the payers themselves to a white or black list, which will allow you to process payments faster and feel safe.
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What our customers say about us
Libernetix makes every step feel enjoyable and so simple. Best service to grow my business!
Brianna Floyd
Perfectly easy and simple. Exactly what I needed for my business. From setting up to everyday tasks and support - always keeping it professional, stylish and understandable to the user!
Serena Pace
Love the functionality and absolutely adore the design! Libernetix delivers quality and aesthetic.
Monika Budai
Libernetix is definitely unique! Setting up was very simple and fast, the support staff is always there for me and helps me with every questions in the shortest time, regular operations always go smoothly - everything is extremely nice. I'm glad i chose Libernetix.
Alan Randall
Libernetix is perfect if you are willing to grow your business. And big thanks to the customer support team.
Bo Garza
Vantage Fx, Head of Banking and Payments (CY)
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