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Frequently asked questions about general information on Libernetix
Online payments are payments paid for goods or services purchased online or offline and are made using the Internet.
 The three types of online payments that are most often used are: online bank transfers, online credit or debit card purchases, and digital wallets (like Apple Pay and Google Pay).
One-time transactions (like purchasing goods online) and recurring payments (like subscriptions) are the two different forms of online payments.
It's crucial to make the appropriate payment gateway selection because it may help to grow the company. It depends on the services your company provides, the number of payment options you wish to support, and how simple your clients will find it to use when making a purchase.
Depending on the sort of business you run, there are several ways to accept an online payment. For instance, allowing account-to-account (A2A) payments could be the most efficient and safe approach to handle transactions. These exchanges happen instantaneously, moving money from the customer's account to the merchant's. If you want high conversion rates, immediate settlement, and higher conversion rates than credit cards, then it's a great option.
Libernetix does offer safe money collection since we place a high priority on security. The highest degree of digital security is ensured by our sophisticated token management system. Since all data passing via Libernetix is encrypted, it cannot be hacked. As a result, tokens won't be worth anything to fraudsters if they ever get their hands on them.
Depending on the number of transactions and the features your company wants, we charge different prices. To receive a quote specific to your use case, please contact us to discuss your needs.
Libernetix's payment infrastructure is equipped with all the tools your company needs to offer a simple payment process, including the flexibility to customize checkout to suit your branding needs and preferences. With your brand unaltered and a smooth checkout while the customer's shopping experience is unaffected, the conversion rate can increaseю
Processing payments using Libernetix is typically instant. The time it takes to complete the payment, however, may vary in specific circumstances since some banks process payments more slowly than others. This may happen because certain banks set limits on the amount of money that may be transferred instantly.
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