About us

Artificially created borders should not be a hindrance to your business

In the chronicles of LIBERNETIX, the story of our origin is a testament to innovation and vision. It began on a radiant day in 2023 when co-founders Alex and Kostya, driven by a passion to transform global commerce, created the name 'LIBERNETIX'. 'Liber' reflects our commitment to freedom, 'net' highlights our global connectivity, and 'X' symbolises our dedication to breaking boundaries and expanding opportunities. This name perfectly captures their vision.

Motivated by the belief that artificially created borders should not constrain business, LIBERNETIX quickly became a symbol of financial freedom. At its heart, our brand champions the fluid movement of capital, promoting a world where money flows without restrictions.

Our Team

LIBERNETIX is a team of 35 Spartans, armed with expertise and determination, poised to revolutionise finance. What sets us apart is our intimate knowledge of each of our client's unique needs. We're not just advisors; we're partners on a mission to lead you to financial success, standing by your side every step of the way.

Our Mission

LIBERNETIX symbolises empowerment, helping businesses transcend boundaries for limitless opportunities. Committed to removing barriers and fostering prosperity, we redefine global commerce with a free money movement ethos.

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Small business or large enterprise, LIBERNETIX provides the tools and support for your success.
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